R** Bandana Winery

265 Allio Drive
Leeper, PA 16233

Enjoy the delicious wines that are made after old country recipes from the local harvest, with an atmosphere of casual elegance. Kick your feet up, smoke a cigar and have a glass of your favorite wine with a well-paired plate of cheese and fruit. Be romantic with your significant other or meet with friends and family. Sit on the couch and gaze into the fire or hang out on the deck to look over the rustic countryside. Perhaps a stroll through our   estate, sit at one of our outdoor tables for more country atmosphere. The setting is relaxed, elegant and away from the hubub of city living. A destination no matter the distance traveled.

At R** Bandana (red neck) Winery, our objective is to provide the most delicious wine that suits the pallet of the customer, be it dry or sweet or anything in between.

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